15/11/2017 - "Go low (budget)"
We get nostalgic about 90s movies, bitch about what's wrong with trailers and discuss
why low-budget movies are the best.
Myself and fellow arty-type, Chris Phillips, often chat at length about everything from movies
to games to our preferred tools-of-the-trade. With the rise in popularity of podcasts, I started
recording our conversations. I've previously uploaded this stuff to
Youtube, but they've been
well enough received that I thought I'd bring them to the Collected Curios website and see
what veteran visitors thought about our ill-informed, nonsensical ramblings.

This initial experiment is going to consist of 11 episodes. If you fine folk enjoy it, we'll record

Note: What lies ahead contains naughty words and, worse still, opinions.
10/11/2017 - "The 80s were hard-core"
Our heroes introduce themselves, discuss their favourite animated movies, VHS
tapes and drawing noses.
22/11/2017 - "Putting out the DC dumpster fire"
How we would improve the DC movies, and why Superman should never be a main
28/11/2017 - "J.J.Abrams doesn't know how space works"
We stress over the difficult task of choosing a favourite film and bitch relentlessly
about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
7/12/2017 - "Is there such a thing as a "bad" idea?"
We talk about inspirations behind our characters, discuss the lost art of looking for
knowledge and ponder on "sexy" aliens.
16/12/2017 - "There are no responsible adults working on this"
Today's topics include: the Lego movies, use of theme tunes and musical cues,
internet speed, C64 cassettes and the best of the Mad Max movies.
25/1/2018 - "Say "no" to CGI dogs"
We ponder on the concept of a Hellboy TV series, discuss sci-fi tech and reminisce
about model-making.
7/2/2018 - "Make us care"
Distracted by decor, we start talking about the joys of TK Max, we discuss our first
encounter with Hellboy, Lovecraft and the importance of characters you care for.
26/2/2018 - "We love pockets"
Today we discuss: falling out with ongoing series, 90s character designs the comfort
of the familiar and we try to offend everyone on the planet.
22/3/2018 - "Something Something Aliens"
We chat about the return of indie games, discuss how 4K makes movies look like
crap, vent hatred of patches and DLC and talk about Aliens. Again. Sorry.
19/4/2018 - "We stayed on topic?!"
In the finale of this season, we talk about how we write stories, bitch about editing
violence on TV and tip-toe around the oversexualization of female characters.